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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wright Rants and Wrong Chants....

Yesterday I posted the video of Fox's Major Owens interviewing Barack Obama about his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Today I am posting 2 videos consisting of an interview conducted by CNN's Anderson Cooper covering pretty much the same ground. And, Obama gives pretty much the same answers as in the previous interview and does not make a very convincing case for his professed ignorance of goings on at the Trinity United Church of Christ. For example, he says that the recently surfaced statements of Wright do not reflect his views and beliefs and that they are also not the views of the congregation. This statement is flatly contradicted by the video evidence. We clearly see the worshipers standing and clapping, jumping up and down, high fiving, whooping and hollering throughout the Wright rants. One can make allowances for the exuberance commonly expressed at Black religious events. Here the enthusiasm, however, is not for their Saviour or Lord but for the truly bizarre and outrageously false claims emanating from the pulpit.
Part I (07:34)

Part II (04:24)

But wait, there's much more. the next video (08:27) is from the 3/14 Hannity and Colmes Show on Fox featuring more of Dr. Wright's rantings which program guest Tanya Acker, a Democratic strategist labels "crazy". Sean Hannity asserts "this is going to end his (Obama's) presidential run...or any chance he has to win..." Hannity further outlines the facts that at Obama's formal announcement as a presidential candidate in Feb '07 he had to dis invite the pastor because he knew full well what the guy had said in the past. He also had to have known of Wright's visit to Khaddffi in Libya in the company of Minister Farakhan, and Trinity United's bestowal of a "Lifetime Achievement Award" on Farakhan. Additionally Obama and family gave tens of thousands of dollars to Trinity United.

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