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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bizarre Easter Rituals in Philippines...

Bizarre and gory Easter rituals, including crucifixion and flagellation, are reported from the Northern Philippines where devout Roman Catholics mark Good Friday with annual displays of Christian martyrdom. The rituals are condoned by church officials but are tolerated by local authorities who monitor the affair to ensure no one dies from the self flagellation or crucifixion. According to The Daily Mail (U.K.) a party atmosphere was evident at one location:

Thousands watched the spectacle in Cutud, which has grown from a village production started in 1962 to a media and tourist attraction copied in other parts of the country.

For hours before the crucifixions lines of men, hooded and half naked, flayed their backs with bamboo whips and paddles tipped with broken glass. Blood splattered over the road.

The atmosphere was festive, with hawkers selling beer, ice-cream and souvenir whips. VIPs watched from a specially elevated "viewing platform".

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