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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama-Rev Wright: Chris Dodd Weighs In....

In the following clip (5:39) from today's Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace we see our Senator Dodd, a Barack Obama supporter, visibly annoyed at having to answer questions about the relationship between Sen. Obama and his former pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He attempts to end the discussion by saying Obama has rejected his pastor's statements and that's that. Wallace points out that Obama only rejected Wright's inflammatory statements this week after they received widespread coverage in the media including ABC's Brian Ross. Dodd counters with words to the effect that Obama didn't know about it until it surfaced in the press. Wallace says Obama knew about it year ago when he commenced his campaign and dis invited the reverend from officiating at the kickoff event. All Dodd could do was to repeat we need to get to the "real issues", as though the Obama-Wright affair was not one.

A new feature on Fox News Sunday: "The Obama Countdown" h/t ConPunk

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