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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Fear and Ricin in Las Vegas....

Okay, let's set the scene:
One Roger von Bergendorff has taken a suite at a Las Vegas hotel. He has two cats, a dog, firearms, anarchist literature, deadly ricin and its precursor, castor beans.
Sounds innocent enough, right? That's what the authorities are saying at any rate:
Las Vegas police spokesman Bill Cassell said Von Bergendorff "is not considered a criminal suspect."
(Police Captain Joseph) Lombardo said: "I don't want to make any conclusions with the anarchist-type textbook. It doesn't make you a terrorist because you have this type textbook. It doesn't make you a terrorist if you possess firearms."
Police said Von Bergendorff had a misdemeanor arrest several years ago but would release no other details until the ricin investigation is completed.
Meanwhile von Bergendorff has been hospitalized for 2 weeks after exposure to the ricin in his rooms. This is a very strange story harking back to the Anglo/Russo intrigue of a few months ago involving assassins using ricin.
From Las Vegas Review Journal

I don't know how many Roger von Bergendorrf's there can be, but I suspect not many. One such named person is a video comics producer whatever that is.
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