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Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama's Pastor Jeremiah Wright: Down But Not Out....

The Rev. Jeremiah H. Wright may have stepped down from the pulpit but he cannot be allowed out of public scrutiny; his race baiting, anti-semitic "sermons" need to be addressed in the context of the Barack Obama candidacy. The Barack Obama family's 20 year relationship with this church and Pastor Wright raises many questions. First of all we need to know why a candidate for U.S. President would feel comfortable in a church whose preacher was an obvious racist, a segregationist, and an America hater. Next, since the press made such a big deal about Mitt Romney's Morman faith even to the point of asking him if his primary loyalty would be to the LDS Church elders or to the U.S. constitution, it would seem fair to ask of Barack Obama a similar question; i.e, would a President Obama look for guidance from, and pledge allegiance to, the precepts of his "black values" church or to the U.S. Constitution?

God Damn Amerikkka

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Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with you about this issue. I feel J. H. Wright's comments represent feelings about race in America that have ceased to be relevent since about 1970-80. Obama's own candidacy is a testament to this.