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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Taxation: Voluntary and Patriotic

We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.
Leona Helmsley
Taxation: Voluntary and Patriotic for the Masses; Optional for the Elites!

If you still need further proof that Harry Reid is a total imbecile and moonbat check out this video:

h/t Atlas Shrugs

Joe Biden, "Stuck on Stupid" endorses redistribution saying it's time to be patriotic!

Oh, and then there's the early, thrifty Tom Daschle, in his rickety old Pontiac. That is before he embraced the public teat as a lobbyist, racking in so many millions that he could not keep track. Tsk, tsk Tom!

h/t Conservative Punk

The worst offender, because he now oversees Treasury/IRS, is Tim Geithner (who) claimed his kids overnight camp as a day care credit. This is a simple issue that many Americans can understand as they have been told by their tax accountants or their tax software that no, overnight camp is not a deduction, the IRS is clear about that.
Source: Political Machine

And finally, "How to Evade Your Taxes" (don't try this at home)

This just in from NY Times:
Representative Charles B. Rangel’s financial disclosure forms had at least 28 omissions in the past 30 years and failed to account for what became of more than $239,000 in assets, according to a report issued Wednesday by a private government-ethics group....

...and this is the guy in charge of writing the tax laws!

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