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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moonbat Activist Questions Calhoun Salary: "Shut Up"

Self-styled "free lance reporter", and socialist provocateur, Ken Krayeske impudently questions UCONN mens basketball coach Jim Calhoun about his salary and is told to "Shut Up"! Calhoun explains that the basketball program brings $12 million to the University, which justifies, one would assume, his handsome salary, the portion of which he intends to give back being; "Not a Dime"!
Krayeske's 40 Year Plan
As one might expect, Colin McEnroe has a somewhat different take on the affair
Hartford Courant reports:
According to a UConn spokeman, Krayeske had a photo credential. The spokesman said Krayeske had e-mailed during the week to say he was working on a UConn basketball story and needed photos to run with it.

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