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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bankers Grovel Before the Stalinist Maxine Waters

Rep. Maxine Waters, D.CA - -

Here, my friends, in this video, is a sample of what is to come when the Left seizes total control of our government. This evil, ignorant, arrogant person addresses the assembled bankers in the most condescending manner possible. They grovel at her feet, looking up at her with deer in the headlights eyes. Nearly incoherent, but obviously relishing her time in control, she barks questions at the CEO's shouting "anyone, anyone", and asking for a show of hands at her command. She doesn't have the power just yet but you may be sure that if she did (and someday she very well might) she would have shipped these fellows off to the Gulag. A Stalinist inquisition if ever there was one.

The idiots in California's 35th C.D.return this person to office year after year; she's been there since 1991! Watch closely and you'll see a Barney Frank cameo appearance; he is seen briefly whispering in his minion's ear.
h/t Sweetness & Light

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