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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sarah and Amina: We Must Never Forget,,,

....and may God speed the day we capture their murdering father Yaser Abdel Said!

Friends of Sarah and Amina Said present a pictorial tribute:

Amina and Sarah

See: Habits Not Peculiar (1/29/09) Jihad Watch, Gringo Ranch, Habits Not Peculiar (1/01/09), Atlas Shrugs
h/t Gringo Ranch

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dcat said...


I believe that they were going to med school RG!

That bastard Yessar Said, son and mother dearest, need to die a slow horrible death and be sent strait to HELL for all eternity!!!

RG said...

Hi Steady!

That is one great video tribute. Deb the girl that put it together put it out only a little over a week ago and already it is getting thousands of hits.

I have been contacting people all over Egypt via email trying to get them to find this guy if he is there.

Until we find him, we are going to keep growing the posse. :-)