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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lieberman: Last Senate Democrat Strong on National Defense

With yet two more polls showing him substantially ahead, it looks like incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman, running as an independent and with great support from the Republicans, is going to save his skin. In the Quinnipiac University poll, Lieberman leads the real Democrat, Ned Lamont, 52% to 35% and in the ARG poll it is 49% to 37%.

The Hartford Courant in reporting today quoting Lieberman on his campaign finances:

"I will tell you there is no way I can now match this last-minute Lamont onslaught of attack ads without your help," he said Thursday. "So if you want something better for our democracy than Ned Lamont's $11 million tear-down campaign, and if you believe in my message of putting people ahead of politics, then I ask you today to make a contribution on my website."

But the Joe-needs-help message has been spreading for a while in Washington. Beginning with Rove's phone call, "a lot of Republicans around Washington who know [Lieberman] and like him spread the word," said Charles R. Black Jr., a longtime adviser to the Bush family. Black has not given to Lieberman - "I don't write checks to Democrats," he said, chuckling, and then added, "If I lived in Connecticut, I'd vote for him."

According to those familiar with the events and the pitches for money, no one is dangling the prospect of a re-elected Lieberman voting with Senate Republicans. The senator has consistently said that if he wins a fourth term, he will caucus with Senate Democrats.

That's fine, Black said. "What I tell people is that it's important we have leaders in both parties who believe in a strong national defense and are willing to sacrifice politically if necessary," he said. "Joe is the last Democrat standing in the Senate who fits that description."

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