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Monday, October 09, 2006

Family's Search for Sunken WW II Sub

Here is an interesting article about one family's privately funded search for a lost U.S. submarine, the USS Grunion, commanded by their father. The ship was believed to have been sunk in July 1942 off Kiska in the Aleutians. Here is the lead to the story:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Underwater sonar images of a black shape against a background of grainy monochrome are safely stored on two computer hard drives at Bruce Abele's home in Newton, Mass.

Blurred by odd shadows and striations, the silhouettes are the biggest clues in more than 60 years to the fate of his father's World War II submarine, the USS Grunion, which sank nearly 5,000 miles west of Massachusetts, near the obscure islands at the tip of Alaska's Aleutian chain.

For decades, relatives of the Grunion's 70 lost crewmen had no information beyond fragmented
U.S. Navy records, and a few rumors, about where and why the sub went down.

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Enchanted Indigo said...

Love this story! Thanks for posting it.