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Monday, October 02, 2006

Lieberman, Ashcroft, Bingham, Donnelley: 1964 Yale Grads

As a dealer in books I sometimes come across college yearbooks containing the profiles of prominent and famous persons. The 1964 yearbook from Yale University is one such example.

This interesting yearbook documents the college days of four Yale graduates who went on to lead quite different public lives. The class of 1964 included Joseph I. Lieberman, a liberal Democrat, now the U.S. Senator from Connecticut; John Ashcroft, a prominent conservative and former U.S. Attorney General; Stephen Bingham, an idealist involved in progressive causes; and, Strachan Donnelley, Ph.D, a scholar and environmentalist.I have included 2 photos of Lieberman including one showing him "on the stump". There is a thumbnail photo of Ashcroft as well.

Joseph I. Lieberman, the United states senator from Connecticut is running for re-election this year as an independent having been defeated in the Democratic primary by an anti-war candidate.

John Ashcroft was, until recently, the United States Attorney General.

Stephen Bingham was involved in civil rights and leftist causes in the 1960's and 70's and in 1971 was accused of smuggling a weapon to George Jackson at San Quentin prison.

Bingham, one of several lawyers working with Jackson, was accused of being part of an escape plot. Bingham fled the country and lived in exile until 1984. When he returned, he was acquitted of all charges related to the “escape.” Today, he is a welfare rights attorney in San Francisco.

Strachan Donnelley is from the prominent Chicago publishing family: A recent announcement describes his current activities (2003):

Minding Nature: Humans, Nature, and Democracy Strachan Donnelley, PH.D., Project Director: New School University November 7-8, 2003

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