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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sen. Joe Lieberman Audio from Glenn Beck Interview, 8/22/06

I recently came across this interesting radio interview in which Sen. Lieberman makes clear his strong support for the war on terror. Interesting stuff.

Joe Lieberman audio from interview on Glenn Beck show, 8/22/06.
h/t Wild Bill


Scrubs & Shines said...

Free "I Hate Glenn Beck" animation on my blog….Glenn Beck is mental porn, he should be taken off the airwaves and force fed reality by getting a real job, like driving a taxi or joining the military, serve his country and fight in a war he thinks is important. The rest of us know these wars are bull… He’s entertaining if you like clowns. I hate clowns personally! But as a journalist he’s not. Lieberman, He's another war mongering idiot, no use for this guy...

steadyhabits said...

Hey folks, if you want to see a full blown, Kool-Aid gulping conspiracy believer visit scrubs & shines. It's a hoot!