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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

John McGreen: The Epitome of Pander

This is a banner in the merch section of the John McGreen for President website. As part of his march to the left and embrace of the anthropogenic global warming hoax he is selling eco-friendly (whatever that means) tee shirts, bags etc at exorbitant prices.

On McGreen's speech yesterday in Oregon, the Wall Street Journal concludes:


The compliance bookkeeping for this new "market" is vastly complex, and a McCain Administration would create a public-private "Climate Change Credit Corporation" to oversee it all. This new regulatory body is likely to morph over time into an "Energy Fed," similar to the one Warner-Lieberman would create. Such an agency would set the price of energy indirectly by fiddling with carbon levies, which will undoubtedly lead to economy-wide distortions.
Given the distance between Mr. McCain's rhetoric and the policy reality, we wonder if he even knows what he's proposing. This is of a piece with his approach to many domestic issues, where the policy contradictions and cul-de-sacs overwhelm his professed political convictions. The McCain campaign believes his global-warming plan will appeal to independents and young people, as well as separate the Senator from President Bush.
But he will never be green enough for the climate-change fundamentalists. The Obama campaign and Democrats were already dinging Mr. McCain yesterday for half-measures. His concessions won't help him much in November, but they will make his governing decisions in 2009 that much more difficult if by some chance he does win.

(emphasis added)
Also see Mark Levin Fan for audio

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Sun Tzu said...

Here are two unfortunate truths related to the Global Climate Change debate:
1) Tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth—Vladimir Lenin
2) Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem—Joseph Stalin

I read a recent comment the other day on a Global Warming post responding to the question: “How Will We Know When Climate Change has Stopped? The commenter lamented that no one is seriously suggesting that we can stop climate change completely; but maybe we can stop catastrophic climate change before it's too late. I should have re-engaged with the question: How Will We Know When Catastrophic Climate Change has Stopped?, but didn’t because all I read and hear is phrased—Stop/Halt Global Climate Change. Until we all start Thinking Strategically About Global Climate Change, the Lenins and Stalins among us will get their way.