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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Culture and Style Gap: Obama Leaves Trinity....

Update: Here is a link to press conference transcript relating to the Obama's decision to leave Trinity United.

Blaming reporters and assorted busybodies pestering church members, especially the shut-ins and the sick, Barack Obama has resigned from Trinity United Church of Christ. Press reports this evening note his leaving the church with "some sadness" and that has been months since he attended Trinity. This action is obviously fallout from not only the Jeremiah Wright rants but the newly emerging reports about the lunatic priest Father Michael Pfleger who performed at the church last Sunday. (see our posting below)
At a news conference in Aberdeen, S.D., after the news emerged on the blog of a black journalist in Chicago, Obama said he and his wife, Michelle, had notified the church in a letter Friday that they “”were withdrawing as members of Trinity,” in part because of “a cultural and a stylistic gap."

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