"...everyone is bored,and devotes himself to cultivating habits..these habits are not peculiar to our town.." Albert Camus "The Plague"

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Unexpected Lightning...........

Lightning during a thunderstorm in 1978.

New advisory issued to protect you from lightning strikes: At the first rumble of distant thunder scurry indoors and hide under your bed!

A recent tragic story of a lightning death in Florida prompted this advice from Dan Dixon, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Miami:

''They (thunderstorms) are very unpredictable and very dangerous. We urge people to stay indoors even if you hear thunder only faintly in the distance,'' Dixon said. ``If you're close enough to hear thunder, you're close enough to be struck by lightning.''

The alarmists strike again, providing us with yet another reason to be afraid. Chalk it up to
"Man Made Global Warming"

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