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Thursday, June 14, 2007

"New Best Buddies": A Bloomberg-Schwarzennegger Action Team?

Featured in the latest Time is a combined profile of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger calling them the new action team on national issues. Might this combination of the ultimate business man and the ultimate salesman presage a new era in U.S. politics? The article concludes:

That love of action is the real link between Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg, and the real source of the recent Bloomberg-for-President buzz. There's no obvious niche for a candidate who supports gay marriage and gun control while opposing the death penalty and deadlines for withdrawing troops from Iraq. But there is an obvious appeal to a businessman who can work across party lines to get things done — and could drop $500 million on a campaign without even noticing it was gone. (Fellow billionaire Warren) Buffett thinks it's a great idea, and when he first heard it, he turned to the Constitution. "I wanted to see if Schwarzenegger could be his Vice President," Buffett said. "I think he could." It states that the President must be native born, but it's silent on the Vice President. "That would be one hell of a team, wouldn't it?"
Read Time article here.
Also see "..."New Best Buddies"; NY Times 10/17/06

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