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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Connecticut Needs An Official Punk Rock Song?

A bill to designate an official Connecticut polka song has prompted a call for an official Connecticut punk rock song! The Hartford Advocate reports (3/29/07):

When State Planning and Development Committee Clerk Eric Stroker heard the bill, he decided Connecticut needed to be the first state to adopt an official punk-rock song........The song he’s proposing, “Connecticut Fun” — recorded in 1983 by an informal, ad-hoc group of Connecticut punk musicians recording under the name Punkestra — is pretty much the least offensive song recorded under a punk banner except for maybe the
Chipmunk Punk album. It’s unabashedly pro-Connecticut, with lyrics imploring listeners to come out and enjoy punk music in the state. (You Tube video of the song below)

Now hyper enthusiasm takes over as State Rep. Diana Urban (D-North Stonington), a proponent of the idea says:

“It’s hilarious.”

“We can move something like this through the legislative process, and it gives us a chance to step back and giggle a little. I’d love this to be the state punk-rock song. If you can’t step back and have a little fun, then you’re taking yourself too seriously,” Urban said."

Further unbridled praise: "Incas Records owner Joe Snow, who recorded the song in 1983 (says), the song captures a seminal moment in Connecticut punk.

“The recording of that song was probably the single most unifying moment in Connecticut music history,” Joe Snow said.

He added: “If it were up to me, not only would it be the official Connecticut punk-rock song, it would be the official state song of any genre.”

Wow! Maybe it's just me but I think any self respecting punker would disdain anything official, musical or otherwise, and especially anything that promotes giggles. We note, however, that other suggestions have been made including a song titled Connecticut is for F*****g
from a group calling themselves Jesus H Christ and The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse. The song begins......

We live in the dullest state
Package stores all close at eight
Malls are full of optometrists
And restaurants we hate
Swimming across Lake Quassapaug
Stealing makeup, catching frogs
Cutting our feet on broken bottles
As we wade in the Shepaug
It’s true for horses, cows and dogs…

Connecticut’s for f*****g
That’s all there is to do.
I love to listen to classic rock
and have sex with you.

(complete lyric here-adult content
or listen here MP3)
It is a funny song. Their debut video is below which contains a fragment , at the end, of Connecticut's for F*****g

Joe's Pub Video CD Release Launch

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Dad! I haven't listened to the mp3 yet but I'm looking forward to it. They really hit the nail on the head with those lyrics - at least the ones about CT being the dullest state and package stores closing at 8. I was too young to know about the rest of that stuff. Tee hee! Jules

Anonymous said...

American Idiot might be a better choice..
and these legislators want to give themselves a raise and go full time?

Aravis said...

I'm with Jules; I thought this was hilarious!

BTW, congratulations on the recent article in the Argus. I thought Silk did a good job.


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