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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Brit Hostages......

OK, so the hostages are being released. Good, I am happy for them and their families. There they are smiling and waving for the cameras in their new (Iranian provided and ill fitting by the looks of them) suits. Their military uniforms discarded along with any semblance of esprit and discipline. No resistance whatsoever by these marines and sailors to their seizure in Iraqui waters and no cover or protection from the mother ship not far away. It seems that every last one of them provided whatever theatrics their captors suggested. Am I wrong in suggesting that such supine obedience to the propagandistic whims of third world islamofacists is shameful and further enables the Iranians' nefarious aims?

Back in their uniforms.....

Sailors at heathrow

Home at last: After leaving the plane the sailors lined up for photographers

Source: This Is London

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