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Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama Fingers and Other Forms of the Mania

Germans Munch Obama Fingers

A German food manufacturer is joining the Obama mania wave. They've introduced "Obama Fingers": tasty crunchy chicken fingers with curry sauce.
(Newser) – A German frozen food company is trying to cash in on Obamania by selling fried Obama fingers, Der Speigel reports. The Southern-style fried chicken snack was renamed as part of an "America week' promotion. Makers say they were unaware that the name could be viewed as insensitive in light of racist stereotypes associating African-Americans with fried chicken.

"It was supposed to be a homage to the American lifestyle and the new US president," said the company's sales manager.

Hey folks, curry sauce is not the condiment of choice for fired chicken below the Mason-Dixon line! Another site notes:

The fingers will probably be off the shelves by April 3, when their namesake is scheduled to visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But if they're not, the chancellor should be wary causing utter befuddlement and potential offense to her guest -- and simply serve him up some good old German sausage.

Rachel Lucas blogged about the Obama Fingers the other day.
I think it’s absolutely hilarious. But I really don’t get foreigners’ obsession with this guy, or with America. They bitch about how we think too much of our own importance, but it’s like the nerds in high school bitching about the popular kids while writing the popular kids’ names all over their notebooks with big hearts around them. It’s a little creepy.
The really hilarious part of her article is the comments: "Well Obama has been giving us the finger for a while now", and "You think Obama chicken is racist, just wait until they introduce Obama-wurst", and "As long as they don’t start selling Brazil nuts as “Obama toes,I guess we’ll survive"and "The last guy the Germans went all ga-ga over was Hitler. Coincidence? I am beginning to think not."

We notice from photographs that Barack Obama has long, supple fingers. He has even been accused of giving Hillary and McCain the finger.

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Happy Fingers!


This was an unsuccessful attempt by a German toy maker to create an Obama Doll.

And, finally; fully embrace change and create your own oval office world!

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