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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why Is This Car Worth $100 G's Over Book?

Barack Obama's former car is now going for $200,000 on Ebay. Obama traded it in for a hybrid. The questions from visitors to the page are hilarious

Q: I must admit; I was skeptical at first, but upon checking the VIN, it WAS Barack Obama’s car! So to all of you NON-BELIEVERS asking stdrum5 stupid questions. Give it up eBayers ... it's for real. With that being said, I'm sure Barack did fart in it at least once. Don't you fart in your car? Dec-11-08
A: Thanks for the support.
Q: Is any of Obama's hair still in the car? Dec-10-08
A: I wouldn't know..the Auction is for his 300c not his DNA samples
Q: Did Obama Fart in this car? is that why it's worth $100K, cause you know the 300 ain't worth *ick.. KBB is like $0.00025 resale. Dec-10-08
A: I never said it was worth 100k..that's the opening bid. obviously the value is a variable for people like you vs car collectors..
Q: What proof do you have that this was his car? You offer nothing in you posting or web site. Dec-10-08
A: I offer my eBay reputation and I'm not trying to put myself in any sort of fraudlent position with the most powerful man in the country. If you don't believe it then don't buy it.
Q: Has this car been smoked in??? Dec-09-08
A: You'll have to ask Barack, has not been smoked in by current owner, however.
Q: Does the 300c still smell like Obama? Dec-09-08
A: If Obama smells like every other Chrysler 300 sure why not?

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