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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Canada's Parliament Suspended, U.S. Constitution Next?

In order to avoid a no confidence vote in the House of Commons Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper has succeeded in bringing about a suspension of parliament until Jan 26, 2009.This unprecedented tactical maneuver by Harper gains his party breathing room because, had the vote been taken today, they would be gone.Reuters reports:
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a rare suspension of Parliament on Thursday, managing to avoid being ousted by opposition parties angry over the minority Conservative government's economic plans and an attempt to cut off party financing.

Governor General Michaelle Jean -- the representative of Queen Elizabeth, Canada's head of state -- agreed to Harper's request to shut down Parliament until Jan 26. Parliament was reconvened just weeks ago after the October 14 election.

Harper's request for suspension was unprecedented. No prime minister had asked for Parliament to be suspended to avoid a no confidence vote in the House of Commons.
A temporary parliamentary suspension in Canada is small change indeed compared to the constitutional crisis brewing in the United States should an ineligible person obtain the office of President. All eyes are on the United States Supreme Court tomorrow (Dec 5) to see if the justices will take on the eligibility issue concerning Barack Obama.

From the Hillary and Me blog today:

The Supreme Court is now faced with a cancer, a malignancy gone wild, because so many government officials, policy makers, party officials and candidates have simply chosen to ignore the law, look the other way . . . do what they damn well pleased!

To which I say, which law or part of the Constitution do we ignore next; the vote for women, or emancipation, or freedom of the press, or the right to bear arms? Which one do we ignore next? Which one?

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Vancouver real estate agent said...

It's a real crisis here. The most rational solution - Harper remaining as a leader, together with silent agreement with one of the opposing "coalition" But with whom?? If he survives in January, all this can repeat in few months again...and again. Coalition of Bloc,NDP and Liberals? That would be totally incoherent gang - they are united against Harper now, but that's all, there has been hardly any cooperation before. New election? AGAIN? How often??
Take care