"...everyone is bored,and devotes himself to cultivating habits..these habits are not peculiar to our town.." Albert Camus "The Plague"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Sleeve Sneeze....

The germ phobia sweeping the nation, not to mention all the other alarms, has resulted in the widespread appearance of hand sanitizers. A blogger at Wesleying is "all for hand sanitizing, and stations everywhere".

Illustrated left is "the politically correct and patriotic method of sneezing and/or coughing". According to a humorous? video produced by CoughSafe we need to "develop appropriate coughing and sneezing strategies consistent with our our clothing and accessories choices each day". Expelled germs will be trapped in fabric where they will dessicate and die. (dying germs below)
More information: Infection Control @ WES

h/t Mullings and Wesleying

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