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Monday, October 08, 2007

30 Millions Here Illegally?

Immigration Controversy Continues.....
"If it is noble and laudable for immigrants to come to American to "make a better life" for themselves and their families, then it must be equally noble and laudable for ordinary Americans to oppose mass immigration that erodes the prospects for a better life for themselves and their families." John Tanton
The Houston (TX) Chronicle reports today:
Californians for Population Stabilization released a study claiming there are 20 million to 38 million illegal immigrants in America, not the 12 million the federal government says.

"Immigration is in a state of anarchy," organization member James Walsh, a former Immigration and Naturalization Service lawyer, fervently told the room. "Not chaos, anarchy."

The web site NumbersUSA has interesting graphics and statistics that illustrates the national crisis resulting from mass immigration and overpopulation. Meanwhile Mexican President Felipe Calderone is critical of our border fence proposal saying; "The world is open in new ways, we are building fences instead of bridges."

Also see Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

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