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Monday, July 16, 2007

Ahh, Sordid Political Notes*....

Clinton / Obama - Writing in the July 23 issue of Newsweek Anna Quindlen challenges Hillary Clinton to persuade Barack Obama to be her running mate. Saying "Your Web site says help make history. Go ahead. I dare you,".....she prefaces that with:

"He would have to decide he would be willing to coexist with a strong woman. But it seems as though he already does that at home. You would have to be willing to let a charismatic man steal some of your thunder, but you do that at home, too. This would be a political marriage of convenience, sure, but one that could excite the country. The president has driven the nation into a ditch, and the American people are standing by the side of the road with their thumbs out. Everyone is poised for big change, big ideas. Do the big thing that also happens to be the right thing."

Filling the Young Skulls With Mush -
At the primary school in Funafuti, children learn about climate change from the age of six. Most expect to emigrate. "Because my home island will sink under the water, and there will be no place for me to live," explains Vaimaila Teitala, aged 12. Manuao Taloka, 13, says: "Australia and America and England don't take notice of us because we're too small, and they want to keep their factories and cars."

Ohhh, the mean, selfish industrialized nations want to keep their factories and cars! Yes, let's ban factories and cars and level the global playing field. Everyone should be poor and live a meter or two above the level of the sea.

The quoted passage above is from an article titled " S.O.S.: Pacific islanders battle to save what is left of their country from rising seas" in The Independent (U.K.)

* h/t Paul Krassner (btw, where is he now?)

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