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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Israel in Gaza: A Reader's Letter....

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Israeli soldiers are seen at a staging area along the Israel-Gaza border

A note from a friend today:
....recent poll of U.S./ survey on whether Israel was justified to go into Gaza:
44% Yes
41% No
Tomorrow, %s will likely be reversed, with more news time for demonstrations, photos, endless processions of Palestinian talking heads, the requisite allotment of dead and bloody children, and talk of merciless bombings of Hospitals, Mosques, and Schools by the ruthless Israeli "offense" Force.
Rarely do I hear of the 3-4 thousand misslie that have fallen upon Israel over the last several years.
Or, after leaving gaza after almost forty years of occupation, the Israelis have been continuously bombed
and rocketed, or that the Egyptians give quiet tacit approval to the infiltration of rockets from their contiguous border,
or that Hamas, Hezbolah, and the Taliban are all supported by Iran, who is the true culprit of moral animus in this world, along with their puppet, Syria, eta, or that those same Mosques, schools, and hospitals are launching/storage points of
weapons of mass destruction (missles-new and improved/made in Iran or China), or that children are taught to Hate through song and Martyrdom. Or that Israel is tiny, at it narrowist only 7-8 miles wide, with a view of the Mediterranean from the Golan Heights, on a clear and sunny day.
How would Americans respond if drug lords from south of the Rio Grande launched missiles (with a blind eye from the Mexican government) onto San Diego and southern U.S.towns, twenty five miles into our border? Would we determine the extent of our wrath by limiting a response to equaling the number of deaths and injuries sustained by our civilians; or our soldiers; or our infra-structure? Would not the police in your town respond with all at their disposal if a threat was at hearth and home? Or would "one" deign to ask for a band aid while the transgressor is huffing and puffing at your very threshhold? I choose to protect my life and limb, property, loved ones, and the right to quiet enjoyment. It is difficult to loose the dogs of war in the midst of cyber-space. Only Western armies even attempt to diminish the risk of civilian casualties, at the cost to the safety of "le soldat". But each casualty is counted; even the unsubstantiated or
exaggerated...The fish I caught was yeaaaaah big!!...It is not my intent to make light of death and suffering, but neither
should one continually turn the other cheek whilst being molested...That ability is best left for those more divine than I.
The Solution:
From a bourgeoise perspective; Mother Palestinians-self actualize your children. Preach love, peace, education. Be constructive in thought and action. Forgive...Peace...Shalom...Salam...
From the intransigent perspective; Push Zion into the sea.
Mothers-Take back your children's lives from outside instigators. Remove Hezbolah/Hama/Iranian Influence...
Allow a Nato peace Force to be a temporary stepping stone toward an independent and stable state.
Rejoin the world by emulating your great ancestral scholars, astronomers and mathematicians.
Turn Jihad into Plowshares...Allah and your children will be lovingly proud.
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....and the inevitable protests, this one in NYC


h/t Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs
...An Israeli woman confronts Palestinian demonstrators in Chicago..

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