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Friday, November 21, 2008

Said Sisters Murder Case on America's Most Wanted....


Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs is reporting today that the Said sisters honor murder case will be presented on America's Most Wanted this Saturday (Nov 22).

Finally. Atlas readers know this terrible story intimately. Law enforcement has dragged their feet hoping time would dim their memory and the abject horror of this "controversial" case. Irving law enforcement has been a hindrance to the investigation fearful of offending the large Muslim population int that part of Texas. The FBI finally designated the terrorist father, Yaser Said, one of America's most wanted only to pull the "honor killing" description for fear of offending Muslims by "labeling".

The media has gone out of their way to deceive the public into believing this was not Islamic. It was all Islam, all of it. When the girls ran away, Amina had told a friend that she feared her father would take her to Egypt to kill her ("because honor killings are legal there") and she told a teacher - that her father was going to Egypt to marry her off to "an Egyptian Muslim".

A bitter life of beatings, rape, and psychological abuse ended in death. Although they ran away, their complicit mother Tissie dragged them back to Texas and within 24 hours, both girls full of life and hope -- were dead.

The piece is airing this Saturday will run about 13 minutes long – that’s a lot of time compared to the stories they usually air on the show, but still it’s not nearly enough time to encapsulate the tragic nature of this case. Nonetheless, I truly hope that one of their viewers will come through this Saturday and tell where brutal killer Yaser Said is cowardly hiding. To date, their army of viewers have helped put 1046 fugitives behind bars. I’m praying that Yaser Said will become #1047.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Warner from Florida is a pathological liar, an Islamophobe, and an anti-Semite. His distortions, exaggerations, fabrications, and bigotry are meticulously documented at http://insanepi.blogspot.com/.
Please visit http://insanepi.blogspot.com/ before using Bill Warner as a source.

Khalim Massoud
Muslims Against Sharia

steadyjohn said...

Sir: Your Bill Warner is not mentioned in my post!

Anonymous said...

True, but this post does come up in the Google search for Bill Warner. Probably because he claims to have worked on this case.

My apologies if my comment offended you.


steadyjohn said...

Not offended; thanks for your clarification.