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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who is Barack Obama's Father?

Not only is there controversy about Barack Obama's place of birth but now the identity of his father has become a question. Family friend, poet, and left activist Frank Marshall Davis whom Obama identifies in his autobiography as "Frank" is now put forth as being Obama's actual father. The climate of the times* lends plausibility to the claim that Stanley Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis are the actual parents of Barack Obama. For various reasons put forward in the link above these facts been covered up. Also see Hillary and Me

The following three photographs are of Frank Marshall Davis, then Barack Obama Jr., and finally Barack Obama Sr. After viewing the photographs, vote in the short poll which follows.

Most Likely to be Barack Obama's Father....
Barack Obama, Sr.
Frank Marshall Davis
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*"....for Paradise has some of the most lushly beautiful women on earth. Many local studs are frantic to bed a soul sister who is not a pro; propaganda painting their passion and horizontal ability has fallen on receptive ears. Afro-American brothers make out with all kinds of dolls. One pure black African student from Ghana wreaked havoc among co-eds at the university, and the wife of a prominent white local politician considered shucking her husband for him; another student from Kenya split leaving two pregnant blondes" Frank Marshall Davis, "Livin' the Blues, p.318

There is an interesting, and sympathetic, video tribute to Davis here. It is a 1988 documentary from Center for Labor Education and Research, University of Hawaii. The photos below are stills from the video and depict Davis at various times of his life. The woman with Davis is his second wife, Chicago socialite Helen Canfield.

h/t The Astute Bloggers who were out front on this.
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Reliapundit said...

tanx 4 da ht.

btw: great stills.


i wunder if canfield the chicago socialite is related to.... the ayers clan!?!?!?

steadyjohn said...

Maybe you should look into that!

Mark Kaleokualoha Davis said...

Gee! Where did you get my family photographs?

steadyjohn said...

kaleokualoha! I hope you found my treatment of your Dad sympathetic. He was an important figure in U.S. history, and given the climate of the times, I can understand his stance on race relations and capitalism. I would like to get to the bottom of the Obama paternity issue.The world is waiting for a response from you to clarify the matter. Btw, did you vote in my poll? LOL! Thanks for your comment....John

Anonymous said...

Notice the ears. Both senior and junior have distinguishingly similar ears, from the top site, and the very tip of the bottom. Frank has nothing like that.

Look at the tip of the jaw, again senior and junior have wide almost flat tip; while Frank has narrowing jaw, possibly a small "butt" in it.

Neither Frank nor senior has the same nose with junior.

Look at the hairline, both senior and junior have sharp edge between horisontal and vertical hairline; while Frank's is rounded.

To me eyes between senior and junior are closer than Frank and junior.

Frank has some similarities to junior with the shape of his head and mouth area. But if you take 100 pictures of african american males easily 75 will bear this similarity.

So in all the Frank "connection" here is extremely weak. I'm not american, i could not care less if junior's father is Bush himself; or Pope; or even space aliens. I just want to point out what I see in the pictures with an objective mind.

steadyjohn said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your analysis.