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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sic Her Hillary! Crush Palin! Left Feminist Fantasy...

Radical left feminist Rebecca Traister wails today in a Salon piece titled "Zombie Feminists of the RNC". Her thesis is as much an attack on the Democrat Party as on Sarah Palin. She feels the Dems failed to take up the issue of blatant sexism against Hillary Clinton, something which the Republicans duly noted. Traister says:

...it may chafe to hear Rudy Giuliani and John McCain hold forth on the injustice of gender bias, what really burns is that we never heard a peep or squawk or gurgle of this nature from anyone in the Democratic Party during the entire 100 years Hillary Clinton was running for president...Only after she was good and gone did Howard Dean come out of his cave to squeak about the amount of sexist media bias Clinton faced....if we inadvertently paved the way for this, then the Democratic Party mixed the concrete, painted lanes on the road, put up streetlights and called it an interstate. The role of the left in this travesty is almost too painful to contemplate just yet....
Her desire for Hillary to step up and destroy Palin is so visceral that she fantasizes :

...I was overcome by the desire to see Clinton take on Palin, not only checking her but fouling her, smushing her, absolutely crushing her...
Even more bizarrely she rants:

It's true that the last time I had this kind of visceral yearning for a politician to save the day was on the evening of Sept. 11, when the only person whose face I wanted to see on my television was Bill Clinton's. Perhaps when the Clintons took office in my 18th year, they became imprinted on my brain as my presidential parent-figures, my ur-protectors. But it's hard not to notice that if that's the case, it's Bill I want to nurture and soothe me, and Hillary I want to show up, guns blazing Ripley-style, to surprise the mother alien just as she is about to feast on independent voters, protectively shouting, "Get away from them, you bitch!"
Meanwhile, Hillary is lying low, licking her wounds and contemplating a (increasingly unlikely) future where she can again compete.

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