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Monday, August 04, 2008

When Justice Was Swift...

I was preparing photographs for a book sale and came across this interesting piece of history:

The 1942 military tribunals of the 8 Nazi saboteurs. Four Germans landed on an eastern Long Island NY beach on June 13, 1942; and four landed in Florida on the 17th. Betrayed by one of the group after being spotted on the Long Island beach they were rounded up, tried by military tribunal July 8 to August 1.There was a four day delay while the Supreme Court was consulted, and the death sentences were carried out on August 8. Only 6 of the 8 were put to death; one got life imprisonment and the other 30 years. Interestingly, while all eight were born in Germany, two were American citizens, and three had married American girls. Arrested with them were six women and eight men, American citizens accused of sheltering the saboteurs.The book: Collier's Photographic History of World War II.

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