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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Trails: American Cowboy Day July 26

Bills pending in Congress, but not yet enacted into law, would declare the 4th Saturday in July "National Day of the American Cowboy". Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush have been labeled "cowboys" by their detractors on the left. The following poem is perhaps a little corny but don't you think it describes fairly well the ideals of conservative Americans.

"National Day of the American Cowboy"
This is a day we set out to give praise
To those who honor the Cowboy ways.
The American Cowboy is a true hero,
Who helped our nation to thrive and grow.
The cowboy was a true pioneer,
Who braved the wild western frontier.
Not only did he tame the American West,
He stood for the values which we think of as best:
He believes in hard work, and playing hard too,
And in honoring women in all that they do.
To be independent and stand up for what's right,
To be courageous and honest and not run from a fight.
To be brave and loyal, to ride for the brand,
And be a good steward of his livestock and land.
Those are timeless values that still hold true,
Still used every day in what modern cowboys do.
Now the U.S. Senate has voted to have a day
To honor the American Cowboy in this way.
We give thanks for all that cowboys and cowgirls do,
To keep the Cowboy way alive and true.
So we honor this legacy for the values it will employ,
As we celebrate the National Day of the American Cowboy.
by Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat
h/t Big Shot Bob in Texas

Illustration: Frank Tenney Johnson (1874-1939) Print available from Encore Editions

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