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Friday, June 06, 2008

Rupert Murdoch Scarier Than Obama....

Rupert Murdoch is even scarier than Obama because of the enormous power he wields via his media properties. What follows is my rough transcript of a portion of an interview with him this week. The video from WSJ is here.

WSJ: Did you have anything to do with NY Post endorsing Obama over Clinton?

RM: Yes!....he'll probably win....you've got the Obama phenomenon, he's a rock star...he won't carry Florida because the Jewish people are suspicious of him, and so are the Hispanics...we've got undoubtedly a recession and the majority of Americans are really hurting.

WSJ: What is the McCain issue from your perspective?

RM: he's been in the congress a long, time... had to make too many compromises; a patriot, a decent guy...doesn't now too much about the economy..I think he has a lot of problems.

WSJ: Who are you backing?

RM: ..I'm not backing anyone...I want to meet Obama...I want to know if he's going to walk the walk...if you read his education policy..it's just great....the educational system in this country is a total disgrace...he's got to take control of the curriculum..

WSJ: Why is she (Clinton) staying in?

RM: Everyone is telling her to get out except her husband and Mark Penn...I think Obama would never, never give her the number two spot...he doesn't want the Clintons around...

WSJ: And you like that idea, the notion...

RM:..I'd like a complete break with the past.

WSJ: WSJ: Did you have anything to do with NY Post endorsing Obama over Clinton?

RM: Yes

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