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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heros Bus Tour: Vets on Capitol Hill....

Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of Vets for Freedom writes:
Yesterday was a great day for our country, and for Vets for Freedom. Not only did General Petraeus testify to incredible progress in Iraq, but Vets for Freedom was joined at a press conference on Capitol Hill by Senators McCain, Lieberman, and Graham; as well as Democrat Jim Marshall and two dozen other Senators and Representatives.

As the press conference concluded, over 400 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and members of Vets for Freedom descended on Capitol Hill, where over 300 meetings were held with their representatives in the Senate and the House. The message was simple: support the commanders on the ground and let the troops win!

Now it''s off to New York City for the final day of the Tour. Join us this evening on the "Glenn Beck Show" on CNN Headline News as three Vets for Freedom members discuss highlights from the tour, Vets on the Hill, and the Petraeus testimony. The message is getting to America, and with your continued support, we will ensure that America understands the truth of what is really happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Audio from the Jim Vicevich (WTIC) radio program here.
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