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Monday, February 18, 2008

Voting Thoughtfully in Seattle....

The following folks were all voted most sexy in the Seattle weekly The Stranger's feature titled "Meet Your Objects of Lust":

Evan Rodd A sex-positive, carnally knowledgeable drummer? Suh-WOON! (And, oh yeah: He’s voting Obama.)
Fuchsia FoXXX is rooting for Hillary Clinton "because of the vagina thing,"
Tomoko (aka "Coco") I want whoever shows up for my opening reception on April 5 to be the next president,
Sarah Scherer,thinks Obama is the sexiest presidential candidate
Holly Chernobyl supports "our underwater overlord Cthulhu" for president.
Amber Davis a Republican, and not at all happy with the way things are going in America, is considering giving Obama her vote in the 2008 election. As for Hillary, she doesn't like her one bit.
Luke Dorsey a solidly undecided voter who leans Democrat
Arielle Davis plans to vote for Obama in '08. "He'd have to do something pretty bad for me not to vote for him," she says.
Jarred Grimes is rooting for Obama.
AK Bennett, proud Obama delegate
Joshua Meacham a certified Obama guy. "I feel like he's going to unify our country," he says. "I like the Clintons, but I think they're a little bit shady and corrupt
Annie, says she can't decide between presidential candidates: "I'm on the line between Obama and Hillary."

All apparently were asked about their presidential preferences and the answers do not auger well for our nation.


I kinda like Coco though, she nominated herself and won. She says:
I blow glass for work at Glassybaby, and for fun at Viscosity glass studio. Feeling extremely sexy, she nominated herself because, she says, "I'm also a pick-up artist for burlesque shows, a fetish performer, and a model. I think I'm the only glass blower who has done naked sushi.....What can I say? I blow for money. And I'm awesome at it."

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Anonymous said...

Yay for sexy Seattlites! You should know that Seattle takes their politics very seriously, it's just that when we're asked about politics and sexiness in the same sentence we tend to get a little giddy. Jules

steadyjohn said...

Good one Jules; thanks for your incisive comment.