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Friday, January 25, 2008

Romney Wins Middletown Straw Poll....

Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano and CT G.O.P. Chair Healey

Very complete video of this event at Brainflation

There was a nice turnout this evening for the Middletown Straw Poll sponsored by Connecticut Republicans. Around 150 people were at the Middletown Elks lodge to hear pitches for the various Republican presidential candidates. The Everyday Republican blog is now reporting the final vote tabulation: Romney 136, McCain 104, Paul 96, Giuliani 34, Huckabee 9, Thompson 2, and Hunter 1.

It was a lively crowd and the Ron Paul supporters were certainly the liveliest! Chris Healy, Connecticut G.O.P. chairman, and the evening's M.C., had to tell the Paul people at one point to quiet down and let all sides be heard. Healy then introduced Middletown's Mayor, Seb Giuliano, who gave a short welcoming address.

Former Massachusetts governor Jane Swift was on hand to speak for John McCain. Her remarks followed a video presentation of McCain's military and P.O.W. experiences.

The Mitt Romney camp also used a video to explain the candidate's experience in business and government. Mayor Mark Bouton of Danbury then spoke on the candidate's behalf.

Ralph Campanara of Rocky Hill gave a humorous and engaging defense of his candidate, Rudy Giuliani.

Mike Huckabee was represented by William Landers, a local businessman.

Here are some additional still photos:

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