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Friday, December 21, 2007

Mrs. Clinton Presents: PRESENTS

The "present" you're going to get from Mrs. Bill Clinton is SOCIALISM folks! That plus your bonus "president/present"; "Slick Willie's" third term. It's really all about Bill and not about her. So let's face facts here. It will be a co-presidency. Hell, according to one reading of the statutes der Schlickmeister could be elected Vice-President , although without the legal ability of succession to the Presidency.So here is what you get with Mrs. Clinton:
1 - Universal Health Care (socialized medicine). Oh, and universal does not mean FREE; Someone's got to pay for it.
2 - Alternative Energy. This a pipe dream and is years away from actuality. We need to be recovering our own plentiful resources of fossil fuels which are going to be the main fuels for years to come.
3 - Bring the Troops Home. This is not going to happen in any full scale manner in the next administration, no matter who is elected. She know this and has stated this.
4 - Universal Pre-K: (more socialism); again, universal does not mean FREE.

Oh, and what about her socialist scheme to cripple our oil industry. Remember the "We'll take those profits" speech?

I've put up a little poll on one of my blogs, so go here and cast your ballot. Sorry, only 2 choices in this one! OK, if you really need to choose someone other than those 2 you can email me your pick.

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