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Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN-You Tube Republican Debate

Some quick thoughts here; this was the first such debate that I watched all the way through....

Moderator Anderson Cooper was superb at the controls. The questions were so-so but about what one would expect from a format limited to You Tube submissions. One or two of the You Tube submitters were in the audience apparently because the producers thought their questions added exceptional interest to the proceedings. One of these, an openly gay, retired U.S. Army General, was featured in a You Tube question and then given the spotlight from his place in the audience. Romney was urbane and polished. The opening fireworks between him and Rudy Giuliani were instructive with Romney clearly cleaning Rudy's clock. McCain was in great form as, well, John McCain. One cannot fault him for his steadfast position against intense interrogation. His treatment at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors has made it impossible for him to sanction such actions regarding any prisoner whether it be be deemed "torture" or not. Fred Thompson was well organized in his responses but did not make any waves; he comes across as a fatherly figure, not as a dynamic action type. Huckabee has the instincts of a snake oil peddler; a true salesman, quick with the apt anecdote, moves in quickly for the kill with his folksy approach. Of the remaining three, Hunter is the more complete candidate. Tancredo, on the other hand is a one issue candidate, and Ron Paul is hopelessly out of touch. Of the latter three Paul did get the most questions and the most face time in answering.

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