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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday Wonders!

Try explaining this one to the boss.....

Marjam Supply Company
HILDA MUÑOZ Hartford Courant Photo
A truck driver getting ready to leave the Marjam Supply Company in West Hartford on Wedensday morning tore down more than half of a storage building on the property, officials said.
Source: Hartford Courant 8/8/07

Bitching about the "B" word.....
“We’d be grandfathered in, I would think,” said David Frei, who has been a host of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York since 1990. The word is a formal canine label that appears on the competition’s official materials. But Mr. Frei said he worried about the word’s impact on some viewers, especially younger ones.
This was a response to the New York City Council's silly, and purely symbolic , attempt to legislate language. Seemingly having dealt with the "N" word they've moved on to the "B" word.
Souece: NY Times 8/8/07

Numbers Wonders.....
We’re seeing some slight hints of positive news for the Bush administration. For one thing, Bush’s job approval rating has stopped its downward trajectory. Bush hit bottom with his administration low point of 29% in early July..... Now – in the data just about to be released..... Bush's approval rating has recovered slightly to 34%. That’s not a big jump, but it is the second consecutive poll in which the president’s numbers have been higher rather than lower.

Source: USA Today/Gallup 8/8/07

March of the Moonbats.....
The Guardian (U.K.) and The Independent (also U.K.) are among the leading alarmist organs, constantly exaggerating and sensationalizing climate change phenomena. Here's a sample from today's Guardian:

Unlike most apparently intractable problems, which have a tendency to go away when examined closely and analytically, the climate change predicament just seems to get bigger and scarier the more we learn about it.

Now we discover that not only are the oceans and the atmosphere conspiring against us, bringing baking temperatures, more powerful storms, floods and ever-climbing sea levels, but the crust beneath our feet seems likely to join in too.

Source: The Guardian (emphasis added)

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