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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ethernet Inventor Says Transformation to Internet Video is Here

The implications are profound says Internet Pioneer Robert Metcalfe.

We are on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the annual Emerging Technology Conference organized by Technology Review. At the kick-off dinner at the MIT Museum, I had the good fortune to interview Robert Metcalfe, the pioneering computer scientist who invented Ethernet back in 1973 -- before that he was a principal researcher at MIT on ARAPNET - the early Internet.

Bob tells Beet.TV he's long had a vision of the Internet as a delivery platform for video. Sure video takes more bandwidth, but it's still all about the Ethernet packets which carry the data, he notes.

Among the most important implications is the prospect of energy savings by facilitating communications through video interaction.

Thanks Bob for all you've done.

Vlogging The World's Top New Innovators

Gathered at the MIT conference are the the world's top 35 young innovators who are being recognized for their achievements. Technology Review has launched a cool vlog comprised of interviews with many of the winners, as well as speakers gathered here at the conference.

Please stay tuned to Beet.TV this week for ongoing coverage of the Technology Review conference up here at MIT.

-- Andy Plesser

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Coming Clean: MIT's Technology Review, the organizer of the conference, is a client of Plesser Holland, publisher of Beet.TV

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