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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Milhous Obama, Barack Not-That Hussein Obama....

Barack Obama and Relatives in Africa (1987)

What's in a name? Are we now not allowed to use BHO's full name? Mark Levin came up with a couple of humorous alternatives yesterday: Barack Milhouse Obama and Barack Not-That-Hussein Obama! We freely speak of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), Richard Milhous Nixon (RMN), William Jefferson Clinton (WJC) but we can't use Barack Hussein Obama (BHO); don't even try to go with BO. Remember Joe Biden said he's clean, Oh, and don't forget either;we can't call BHO liberal he doesn't like that. Fact is, BHO is beyond liberal with his collectivist ideology.

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Ed said...

You're allowed to call him Barack Hussein Obama but in the interests of fair play you must use an equal quantity of John Sidney McCain's. I think "Hussein" credits are available if you say "Sidney" with an appropriate sneer.

steadyjohn said...

My post contained two instances of Barack Hussein Obama so in the interest of fair play I submit:
John Sidney McCain,
John Sidney McCain...(feigns sneer)

Anonymous said...

Who said Barack is like Richard Milhous?...